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About us

Bridging the gaps between the worlds of impact and blockchain

"Impact" is a growing field in our economy that is challenging our financial system to account for environmental and social effects. What is the price of a tonne of CO2? How do you measure and manage the effect of an investment in a rural school in the Global South? What is the value of health in our economic system? These are questions that professionals in the field of Impact are dealing with. We dive into the different methodologies and systems that apply this new form of accounting and reporting for businesses and organizations.


At the same time, blockchain is challenging our understanding of financial systems, transparency, data ownership, and more. Can decentralization offer more utility and freedom? What is the power of community? Can we trust code to run organizations? 


These two movements represent a revolution, and an opportunity to change the world for the better. At times, it can be overwhelming to understand new worlds of technology, philosophy, and jargon. We want to lower the barrier to entry into these worlds by simplifying the language and showing how they apply to each other. Through consulting, experimenting, and the creation of shared projects, we allow for the real power of these revolutions to come forth and impact the lives of people around the world.

BloB is an ongoing mission to explore these connections and more. If you want to learn and grow with us

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About the Author

Or Katzman started BloB to apply his curiosity and understanding of these worlds to try and create something meaningful.Or was introduced to blockchain in 2017 and since then it has been a journey of learning and exploration into the opportunities, risks, and craziness that comes with unfolding tech. 

Or is also the founder of Impact Oracle, and is formerly the director and co-founder of SDGIsrael. With over a decade of experience in leadership training, facilitation, and impact work, he has worked with a variety of organizations on mapping, measuring, and communicating their impact through the SDGs. He has experience and certification from the EU in circular economics and green business planning, he has consulted the UNDP on SDG Impact Standards and taken part in the UNGC’s SDG Accelerator program.

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